About Louisa

I come from a serious DIY family. Both my grandmothers were milliners who decorated those enormous Edwardian hats with ribbons, flowers, plumes, and birds. One of them could copy a Chanel suit without a pattern. My father could make anything out of wood. My favorite aunt knit Aran island sweaters, favored giant brooches and necklaces, and gave me a new one every Christmas. (I don’t think they were all “new,” but so what?) That got me hooked.

It turns out that big jewelry looks great on big girls, so I started making necklaces and earrings to have pieces that were big enough. That led to beading classes, bead fairs, beading books, a bead collection from all my travels, and a little car that cannot drive by a bead store without turning in. I’ve even led a beading therapy group. In retirement, I worked up the nerve to rent a table at a country grange holiday bazaar and had my first sale.

I believe that life is too short to wear boring jewelry. Every day we have an opportunity to feel better about ourselves and bring some color into the world just by wearing something fun.

After a career in journalism, raising two amazing sons, and finding a man who drove me to a humongous bead store 90 minutes away on one of our first dates, (KEEPER!) I now have the leisure to pursue this passion that’s been waiting to blossom for so long. I hope you enjoy looking around my little shop!