The Red Carpet Bead Bonanza

The Oscar red carpet is not just a fashion show. It’s a harbinger of style for the year to come, and designers who compete to loan out gowns and jewels are in for big time exposure if their stuff is worn! The entire clothing and accessories industries pore over every detail to map trends. And to copy them.

And so, imagine my excitement over the total bead bonanza on the red carpet! Cate Blanchett topped her simple black dress with a single pop of embellishment: a turquoise beaded and diamond bib from Tiffany. I’m right on it.
Viola Davis wore a bib made of pearls. I’ve got pearls! Scarlett Johansson’s expanded choker dripping with emeralds was an absolute masterpiece. (Note the earrings in two different lengths. Good.) WANT ONE! I’ve got green beads! Margot Robbie won points for the Van Cleef and Arpels gold zipper necklace inspired by the Duchess of Windsor’s collection. The best of it: a tassel of sapphire beads at the front.

Tassels are very very big right now. And we can make those.

Did you notice this year’s elaborate cuff bracelets? I can easily see these in gold or silver seed beads, as few of us need diamond cuffs.

How about the beaded gowns? Emma Stone’s splendid dress was striped in gold beads. Behati Pinsloo wore a slim red skirt entirely covered in black beads, plus a simple necklace that seemed to be made of beaded beads. Felicity Jones’ tight white bodice was completely covered in white beads and sparkles.

But the winner in the beaded dress category has got to be Lupita Nyong’o, whose Calvin Klein gown was paved in 6000 pearls, including some big ones that gave the shoulders a sculptural look near her face. Drop dead fabulous.

I’m so glad somebody did that. But that one I won’t be copying. I’ve sewn beads on fabric here and there, but paving a gown in beads? Life is too short.

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